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Gallery Group 1 go to the Hayward Gallery

12th November 2019

Gallery Group 1 go to the Hayward Gallery

The exhibition visited was 'Bridget Riley' - which brought together paintings, drawings and preparatory works of this innovative British abstract artist, spanning seventy years.

The exhibition began by reflecting on the early influences on Bridget Riley of the techniques and colour used by Georges Seurat. It then continued with her first black and white geometrical images, which are associated with the emerging Op Art movement when Riley began to receive international recognition.

The exhibition continued with a good coverage of works illustrating the artist's exploration of curves, spots, stripes and diagonals in her mission to engage with the viewer by generating dynamic energy, rhythm and movement. The inclusion also of preparatory drawings and scale studies demonstrating Riley's working techniques was very informative.

The Group found the exhibition fascinating, and many of us spent more than the usual period of time studying individual images, which seemed to move before our very eyes. Amazing to realise that this artist is still producing her innovative work in 2020.

Still time to go as the exhibition is on to the 26th January

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