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Historic Houses group visit to Spencer House, St James. London W1

9th March 2019

Historic Houses group visit to Spencer House, St James. London W1

The House was originally built for the first Earl Spencer (1755-66) - and secretly used for the first time by his future wife, thus fulfilling her wish to spend Christmas in the house - they were then married as planned, one week later! Sadly the house fell into disrepair 1926 - 1985, and then was rescued and faithfully restored (1987 - 89) to its original glory by Lord Rothschild. Just over two centuries after being first built, the house was opened by Lady Diana Spencer - and although she never resided there, it has been used on many important occasions by the Royal Family.

The artworks and furniture, some of which are lent from the Royal Collection, some by museums, and others donated, with each piece designed to complement each room. The Canaletto painting of Rome is one of the finest of its kind.

Today, the first two floors of the house are both used for private as well as corporate functions. The top floor is occupied by the Rothschild Investment Trust.

The House is open to the Public on Sundays, and for expert guided tours on Mondays. The Gardens are open three times a year.

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