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The Kent History hear all about the Making of Kent

4th December 2019

The Kent History hear all about the Making of Kent

The Kent History Group aim to study Kent's socio-economic and industry heritage through research, field studies and visits to sites across the county. The format of the meetings is that one or two members research a topic and then give a talk to the group.

For their November and December meetings, Audrey Dreher gave two excellent well-researched talks on the Making of Kent encompassing its geology and the history of the county from its earliest human habitation to the Norman Conquest. What was particularly fascinating about her two talks was learning how the county has kept its pre-Roman name and its boundaries have changed little since it was a kingdom in the early Saxon period. She explained how the county had been shaped over time by the exploitation of its mineral wealth, land use, and most notably, by it position between London and the continent.

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