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4th February 2021, 14:30

You can obtain dial in details for the zoom meetings by emailing

1. 7th January Professor Stephen Skinner (Imperial College) 'Fuel Cell Development'

2. 4th February Dr Mike Trevethick (retired from Pfizer) 'Developing a Vaccine'

3. 4th March Dr Ainara Aguadero (Imperial College) 'Battery Development' (talk may start later)

4. 1st April Dr Kathryn Harkup 'Poisons'

Professor Skinner and Dr Aguadero are in the forefront of research into energy production and storage with the aim of providing energy for a greener future. Dr Trevethick's talk will include information about global efforts to produce Covid-19 vaccines and the different types of vaccines being developed. Dr Harkup is a chemist, science communicator and author of 'A is for Arsenic - The Poisons of Agatha Christie'.

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