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Knole U3A Monthly Meeting
25th March 2019 14:00 - 16:00

Computer Open Group
28th March 2019 14:00 - 16:00

Science Group
4th April 2019 14:30 - 16:30

Science Open Group (Sevenoaks U3A)
8th April 2019 14:00 - 16:00

Coffee Morning
11th April 2019 10:30

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  • MOT3 Swings!

    13th March 2019

    A few members of MOT3 went to The Space in The Pamoja Hall at Sevenoaks School to see a performance called Sevenoaks Swings (click the image to see the vimeo!) and we had a very entertaining evening with varied music. There were some talented performances and even beginners were included in a group which encompassed all the pupils who were learning saxophone, even if only for a few months, delivering a performance of Tequila - and all for £7.  There are lots of events at The Space - some talks, plays and a variety of music of all kinds. ...

  • Historic Houses group visit to Spencer House, St James. London W1

    Historic Houses group visit to Spencer House, St James. London W1

    9th March 2019

    The House was originally built for the first Earl Spencer (1755-66) – and secretly used for the first time by his future wife, thus fulfilling her wish to spend Christmas in the house - they were then married as planned, one week later! Sadly the house fell into disrepair 1926 – 1985, and then...

  • Kent’s industrial past uncovered

    Kent’s industrial past uncovered

    7th March 2019

    Knole’s industrial Heritage group has been running for around four years and its members have researched and presented talks on a wide variety of topics as diverse as broadcloth, windmills, tanning, brick and tiles, watermills, glass, brewing, cement, paper and much more - all former industries...

    • coppice2.jpg
  • Half Day Walking Group go rock climbing

    Half Day Walking Group go rock climbing

    28th February 2019

    The half day walking group ably lead by Christine Walls sauntered around Tunbridge Wells in February and as well as tackling the usual 5 mile walk decided to add rock climbing to their achievements! No doubt the appropriate risk assessment was done to ensure a group of senior members of our...

  • London Studies 1 Out & About

    25th February 2019

    For our February meeting we investigated a familiar friend, Trafalgar Square, and also one of the most exclusive areas of London, St James's. Apart from hearing some of the history of Trafalgar Sq, statues and surrounding buildings (did you know that Nelson's Column was destined for Berlin if...

    • London Library
    • Smallest Police Box
  • Day Walking Group Zipping Along!

    Day Walking Group Zipping Along!

    18th February 2019

    Knole day walking group set out from Lullingstone Visitor Centre on another of the exceptionally mild February days we have been experiencing. The group of thirteen set out walking up from the car park into the woods. After a while they came to the zip wire and it was suggested this might be...

  • Plight of the Bumblebee

    Plight of the Bumblebee

    7th February 2019

    Science for All enjoyed a talk from Dr Nikki Gammons of The Bumblebee Conservation Trust in February and she told us amazing facts about bees and gave us an insight into research and conservation. There is concern that due to intensive agriculture and use of pesticides bee populations are...

  • Buying/Selling/Giving via the Web

    25th January 2019

    Have you had any experience of buying, selling or giving stuff away via the internet? If so, the Computer Group would love to hear about it! This is the topic of their next meeting, on 28th February - it will be a very interactive and informal meeting, open to all. Please come along and share your...

  • MOT3 Enjoy a Night at the Theatre

    MOT3 Enjoy a Night at the Theatre

    25th January 2019

    The new MOT3 Group had their first outing together to The Beefeater Restaurant (4 of them) and then The Oast Theatre (7 of them) to see Ladies in Lavender and one of the members of the group was performing in the play. It was a very enjoyable evening. ...

  • London Studies 5 at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

    London Studies 5 at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

    24th January 2019

    On 24th.January, London Studies 5 had a tour of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. What an amazing place it was, with marble columns, statues, and paintings, plus a wonderful decorative internal atrium called the Durbar Court. The FCO promotes the United Kingdom’s interests overseas,...

  • The Day Walking Group in November

    The Day Walking Group in November

    15th January 2019

    The Day Walking Group braved the late November weather to discover a great 10-mile across downland near Biggin Hill ably lead by Brenda and Lance. The chalk downland between Biggin Hill and Warlingham is surprisingly excellent walking country with fine views of rolling hills and wooded...

  • Science for all - January 2019

    Science for all - January 2019

    15th January 2019

    Science for All Knole’s Science Group is now entering its seventh year of operation and for its January meeting its Committee thought it would try something new and have a Gresham College video talk – about the health benefits of Sunshine! Gresham College was founded in 1597 and has been...

  • Industrial Heritage Outing

    Industrial Heritage Outing

    15th January 2019

    Industrial Heritage Group The Industrial Heritage Group is now well into its fourth year of operation and it has covered a surprisingly wide range of talks and visits. The philosophy of the group is that its members research a particular topic then give a presentation to the whole group. The...

    • railway talk2.jpg
    • pillbox.jpg
  • Amblers 2 Walking Group

    Amblers 2 Walking Group

    15th January 2019

    AMBLERS 2 WALKING GROUP – enjoy a well-deserved cup of coffee at Shoreham Golf Course on our recent walk which included Otford and Shoreham. We walk about 3-4 miles at a moderate pace on the 4th Thursday of the month in the morning. If you would like to join us, please contact...

  • London Studies get to eat in Brixton Prison

    London Studies get to eat in Brixton Prison

    28th November 2018

    London Studies get to eat in Brixton Prison  London Studies programme of visits over the past 9 years reads like a bible of the best London has to offer in terms of its history, iconic buildings and examples of the depth and breadth of its culture. Its November visit to the Capital added an...

  • MOT2 Dine Out

    22nd November 2018

    On Thursday evening several members of MOT2 visited The Artisan Restaurant at West Kent College for dinner. We went to reception and a young man came and escorted us to the restaurant on the 3rd floor via a lift. The restaurant is very nicely presented and has a pleasant atmosphere. The food...

  • MOT3 Up and Running!

    MOT3 Up and Running!

    14th November 2018

    The newly formed MOT3 (Members Out Together) held their inaugural meeting this afternoon (14th November) and have organised their first outing too! They will meet each month on the 3rd Friday in the afternoon in order to plan future outings, which can take place on any day, any time. If any Knole...

  • Gallery Group 1 October and November Visits

    Gallery Group 1 October and November Visits

    13th November 2018

    In October the group visited Kettles Yard Gallery, established by Jim Ede, a curator and collector, and his wife in 1956, when they bought and restored a pair of tumbledown cottages in Cambridge. They encouraged visitors to come in the afternoons to see the collection of mainly 20th...

  • A Foray into Life Drawing

    A Foray into Life Drawing

    8th November 2018

    Colin Obray, ‘tutor’ for both groups, organised four sessions of life drawing classes in October and November. This was a first time experience for many members, and was certainly a challenge. At the beginning of each class some very quick poses were adopted by the model, to get people work...

  • Industrial Heritage and Clock Making in Kent

    7th November 2018

    The Industrial Heritage Group have covered almost the full range of industriesthat shaped much of Kent and the surrounding Wealden area over the past four years, but a few lesser known subjects still remain to be researched. For the October meeting Alan Heyes gave an account of the Kent clock...

    • The Knole clock tower
    • A long case clock by the Sevenoaks Bowra family of clockmakers at Quebec House
  • London Studies 1 visit the Grand Order of Water Rats

    London Studies 1 visit the Grand Order of Water Rats

    31st October 2018

    London Studies 1 visited the HQ of the Grand Order of Water Rats in October to hear all about the long history of this charity and be entertained by a senior Water Rat! This organisation was founded back in 1889 and its aim is to raise money for deserving causes. Past members have included...

  • The Making of the Remembrance Poppy

    The Making of the Remembrance Poppy

    29th October 2018

    London Studies 5 had a great day earlier this month to see how Remembrance Day poppies and wreaths are made. We visited the Poppy Factory in Richmond who makes millions of poppies and wreaths (not to be confused with the British Legion in Kent who distribute and sell them).The factory employs...

    • London5Oct3.jpg
    • London5Oct2.jpg
  • Day Walking Group Discover Outstanding Tudor Houses

    Day Walking Group Discover Outstanding Tudor Houses

    22nd October 2018

    One of the joys of walking in Kent is not just the exceptional scenery, but coming across outstanding historical buildings. The October walk of the Day Walking Group was a particularly fine day for both scenery and some of Kent’s best vernacular buildings. The 10 mile stroll, ably led by...

    • Oct walk 2.jpg
  • MOT2 Enjoy Drama and Food

    MOT2 Enjoy Drama and Food

    12th October 2018

    On Friday 12th October several members of MOT2 visited the Plaza Suite at the Stag for the Stag Theatre Company Bitesize Drama and Buffet Dinner which was an evening of short plays, both funny and thought provoking, and very nice and plentiful food (we were offered second helpings!) and all for...

  • New Knitting Group

    New Knitting Group

    11th October 2018

    A new group is being set up for Knole U3A, meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 2pm. The first meeting is planned to be on Tuesday 15th January at 2pm. Members can find out more by logging in and clicking here ...

  • Blue tits, science and sex

    Blue tits, science and sex

    4th October 2018

    A brightly coloured male with a nesting box is a great catch for a female blue tit. One of the fascinating things that Martin Stenning from the University of Sussex told Science for All at their October meeting. He has conducted years of research into blue tit behaviour in the Woodland Trust’s...

  • Calling all Members - Ever wanted to adjust photos you have taken?

    Calling all Members - Ever wanted to adjust photos you have taken?

    26th September 2018

    Digital Image Manipulation 1st Year Course Do you enjoy taking photographs and would like to learn how to alter them using a computer programme? For example change the colour, lighten/darken, straighten the horizon, crop, clone out an object, alter to black and white, etc.? We meet at...

  • MOT2 Out & About

    MOT2 Out & About

    23rd September 2018

    On 19th September some members of MOT 2 (Members Out Together 2) visited Leeds Castle for the flower festival which is an annual event where top florists display their designs in various places around the castle and members of the public are invited to vote for the one they liked...

  • The Birdwatching Group visit Stodmarsh

    The Birdwatching Group visit Stodmarsh

    16th September 2018

    The Birdwatching group had their first outing of the year last Friday at Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve. This was the first visit by the group and it proved to be a lovely location. Six members spent the morning doing a circular walk around the Grove Ferry end of the reserve, walking along the...

    • P1050958.jpeg
    • P1050963.jpeg
    • Stod pic 1.jpg
  • Knole U3A Walkers Stride Out

    12th September 2018

    The Day Walking Group clock up another 10 mile walk under their belts Knole’s walking groups are thriving and we now have 8 groups who walk a range of distances from 2-3 miles (Strollers) to the 10 miles (or more!) of the Day Walking Group. When groups become full we will create waiting lists...

    • Walking Aug 1.jpg
    • Walking Aug 2.jpg
  • Garden Group Summer Highlights

    Garden Group Summer Highlights

    30th August 2018

    Garden Group Highlights Summer 2018 The garden group have had a busy and enjoyable time this year. We have made a great deal of use of the gardens open to groups in the National Garden Scheme. Our first visit in April was to a local garden, Hookwood House in Shipbourne. It is a delightful country...

  • London Studies 5 Visit Marlborough House

    London Studies 5 Visit Marlborough House

    23rd August 2018

    Marlborough House London Studies 5 and invited members of London Studies 2 had a very enjoyable tour of Marlborough House, which stands on Pall Mall. The house was created by Sarah Churchill, first Duchess of Marlborough. Sir Christopher Wren was the original architect. Descendants occupied...

  • Oklahoma!


    10th August 2018

    A few of MOT2 group went to see Bullfrog's latest production of Oklahoma and thoroughly enjoyed it. Having seen many of their previous productions I hoped it would live up to the usual excellent standard and was not disappointed. The young performers in the leading roles had...

  • MOT 2 Visit Parham House

    MOT 2 Visit Parham House

    8th August 2018

    Some members of MOT 2 visited Parham House near Pulborough Sussex and it is beautiful house full of treasures and well worth a visit. There are flower arrangements all over the house and we were told that 40 buckets of flowers are brought into the house each week for this purpose. There are...

  • Industrial Heritage Group visit Chatham Dockyard

    Industrial Heritage Group visit Chatham Dockyard

    16th July 2018

    The Industrial Heritage Group visited Chatham Dockyard in June following a well researched talk about the dockyard from John Stambollouian. The Royal Navy’s presence at the dockyard over several hundred years supported a wide range of industries to keep Britain’s Navy afloat, including rope...

  • Walking Groups

    Walking Groups

    16th July 2018

    Our Walking groups have clocked up a good deal of miles since Knole started in 2009 and we are fortunate we have a number of groups covering walks to suit most of our members, from a gentle stroll on easy going ground to the more challenging, but nevertheless enjoyable day walks of some 10...

  • London Studies 1 – A Bankside and Southwark day out

    16th July 2018

    London Studies is one of our U3A’s most popular activity with seven groups visiting London a month and studying the history of our capital city. For their June visit London Studies 1 members had their own researched guided tour of historic Bankside and Southwark. First up was a building few...

    • Old London Bridge seat and Keats statue at Guys Hospital
    • The Kirkaldy Testing and Experimental Works
    • Hopton Alms Houses, Hopton Street Bankside
  • Garden Group visit the lovely garden of a former workhouse

    16th July 2018

    Our Garden Group have visited a good many major gardens in Kent over the past few years but it is often the smaller gardens of that participate in the National Garden Scheme that prove to be of special interest.Their visit in June to the “Garth Pleasure Grounds” in Lingfield organised by Roz...

    • The former Workshouse in  Lingfield
    • One of the tranquil walks in the Garth Pleasure Ground
    • Wollemia pine -  only discovered in 1994
  • Science For All  members visit Barts Cancer Research Institute for a specially organised seminar

    Science For All members visit Barts Cancer Research Institute for a specially organised seminar

    15th July 2018

    For its February meeting Knole’s Science for All talk, was by Dr Stuart McDonald of Bart’s Cancer Research Institute. The talk on ‘Why is Cancer difficult to treat” was followed up this month by a visit to his research laboratory for a half day seminar and laboratory tour. Following a...

  • Knole Book Club Summer Reading Recommendations

    Knole Book Club Summer Reading Recommendations

    12th July 2018

    Our three books groups seem to get through a sizeable library each year and many will be of interest to a wider audience. A few of the ‘road tested’ books for summer reading are listed below. " The Muse " by Jessie Burton. This was her second book following "The Miniaturist". The book...

  • Computer Group

    Computer Group

    30th May 2018

    Knole U3A Computer Group is looking for members for 2018/9. Sessions, 4th Thursday of the month, are intended to cover computer and digital technology related subjects for the beginner to the experienced. Sessions will mainly be led by the Group members themselves. Please complete the...

  • Industrial Heritage Group kick off its research about the Royal Navy

    Industrial Heritage Group kick off its research about the Royal Navy

    18th May 2018

    Since its formation some three years ago as a spin off of the Science Group, Industrial Heritage Group members have undertaken a substantial amount of research on past industries of Kent and the Wealden area. Topics have included the iron industry, Tanning, Glass making, Kent windmills, the...

  • London Studies 1 go backstage at the National Theatre

    London Studies 1 go backstage at the National Theatre

    15th May 2018

    One of the great pleasures of being a member of a London Studies Group is you get to see a fantastic range of buildings and sites in London. For their April trip London studies had a backstage tour of the National Theatre organised by Roz Gooding – particularly interesting if you are a regular...

  • Historic Houses Group visit Charterhouse

    Historic Houses Group visit Charterhouse

    27th April 2018

    Earlier this year the Historic Houses Group visited Charterhouse in London. Walking around Charterhouse Square, it’s difficult to believe that this was once (14thC) a ‘plague pit’. A Carthusian Monastery was founded here in 1348, only to be closed again in 1537, after the Reformation. It was later...

    • Charterhouse 2.jpg
    • Charterhouse 4.jpg
    • Charterhouse 3.jpg
  • Industrial Heritage – The Influence of Geology and History on Architecture

    9th April 2018

    Knole’s Industrial Heritage Group members undertake research on a topic and then present their findings in the form of a 45-60 minute presentation to other members. To date their research has focused on the former industries in Kent and the wider Wealden area. For her third talk since the...

    • Ightham Mote – A medieval moated manor house
    • St Dunstan church, West Peckham – Late Anglo Saxon Tower
    • Rochester castle – built with Kentish Ragstone in the 11th century
  • Science Group meeting – What has the chemical industry ever done for us?

    Science Group meeting – What has the chemical industry ever done for us?

    5th April 2018

    The Science Group talk in April by Dr Peter Dixon (a member of Knole), took us through some of the vital chemicals used in the complex supply chain to produce the humble soft drinks container for a well known brand of tonic water. Fortunately, we did not have to understand the chemistry behind...

    • Science pic 2.jpg
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