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Knole U3A run a number of Study Groups which we have grouped under the heading of "Culture". Members can click on the names of the Groups to find out more when logged in.    

Book Groups   There are three book groups that meet at different times to discuss books. The times are 3rd Monday afternoon, 2nd Wednesday afternoon and 1st Monday afternoon.

Film   - a group for those who enjoy watching and discussing chosen films from around the world. 4th Monday morning.

Gallery Studies   - There are three groups who look to develop their knowledge of art and art history by visiting exhibitions and galleries.  In most groups the meetings alternate between a visit and a meeting. The times are 2nd Tuesday morning, alternate Monday mornings, and 2nd Tuesday mornings.

Gresham College Talks - This is a new monthly seminar series in 2019 using the Gresham College lectures which cover a wider range of topics from the sciences to the arts and a broad range of historical topics. For each meeting we show a talk followed by a discussion about the issues the talk raises.

Money Matters - We are finding many subjects worthy of consideration but chose those of real interest to our members. Past talks have included subjects from Inheritance Tax to Fraud in an Online World. Our format asks one or two members to spend half an hour launching a topic and relying on everyone to join the fray. Hopefully we will all learn something of value and have fun at the same time.

Music Appreciation - a new group which plans to listen to a wide range of - mostly classical - music, with an emphasis on listening and enjoyment, not overdoing the analysis. We may also include some live concerts in our programme. A few more members would be welcome. 3rd Tuesday.

Painting and Drawing   - There are two groups enjoying all types of painting and drawing. All abilities are welcome.
2nd Thursday afternoon and 1st Wednesday morning.        

Photography   - There are three 'graduated' groups for those who wish to learn about Digital Image Manipulation. They meet on 2nd Tuesday morning, 3rd Tuesday morning and 2nd Thursday morning. There is also an advanced group who have experience of Digital Image Manipulation and learn about cameras and go out and about to take photographs. They meet on 2nd Friday morning.

Poetry    - There are three poetry groups who explore poetry in different ways. Times are 3rd Tuesday afternoon, 3rd Wednesday afternoon, and 1st Wednesday afternoon.

Singing for Pleasure   - For people who enjoy sharing the singing of a wide variety of songs, sometimes with harmony and sometimes with musical backing. Last Friday afternoon of month.

Theatre Studies - This group alternates theatre visits with discussions. At the meetings the play or show seen the previous month is discussed and the next trip is decided, 1st Tuesday afternoon.

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